23.05.2020 UPDATES
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1. Changed forum design. It is more mobile-friendly as well.
2. Right side navigation with ability to see currently ongoing battles and some useful websites to visit regarding anime and music sources. 
3. Slightly updated calendar. Now when clicking on the event it will include redirection page to the official thread on our forum of that event. 
4. Custom page created with ‘Battles Statistics’ where editors listed in the boards –“Hall of Fame” and “Board of Shame” as well as their results and placements.  
5. Removed the following sub-forum: Video & Graphic Resources. Considering the fact that there are so many websites and discord servers with video and graphic resources that it makes no difference in sharing here, as in my opinion we will be spamming with the same stuff over again. 
6. AMV Battles FAQ, Terms and Conditions are on separate custom page to have easy access for everyone to review without searching in the forum, thus FAQ Forum has been removed and Battles Forum transferred to General forum category. 


1. Changed uploading/submitting rules of your AMVs – you must upload to any streaming platform and give us a link. Alternatively, you can upload somewhere and send us a download link so we can upload to our server. 
2. Battle’s deadlines. Taking into consideration that everyone lives in different time zones, I decided that the best way to set up the final deadline is to take the furthest time zone on the Earth we have, which is GMT -12:00. So it doesn’t matter which part of the world you live, your deadline will be once the set date has officially ended worldwide.  
3. Slightly adjusted FAQs - 
- All voting will be held in our discord server. If the same person votes for both works - the vote will not count. 
- MEP vs MEP battle - now instead of all editors, only both captains should agree on the deadline's extension. 

More things to come up

- Our members staff page, where all our staff will be listed. Simply an easy way for your to know who to contact. 
- More useful links will be added, like torrents websites, music source websites. 
- Staff application forms. As we are slowly growing, I will obviously need more people to help out with this project. Stay tuned for updates!  

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