28.06.2020 Updates
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As every month, here is an update what happened with the forum for those past days. In order to make sure to see all the changes please do hard-refresh (CTRL + F5)

• New updated member's profile design, as well as fixed responsive version for other devices.
• Ability to have custom background image in member's profile together with custom banner/cover. 
• Updated thread's prefixes style.
• Forum icons on the main page were changed. 
• Added user-card on the right side panel with some stats and earned credits (about credits will be separate update as still working on this function) 
• Fixed minor member stats bugs in the member's profile page. 
• Ability to like posts in topics. 
• Ability to mention users by using "@" symbol and adding "username". 
• Awards Page design updated. Now more organized version with ability to requests certain awards. (More awards will be added soon - https://amvbattles.org/awards.php
• Battle Statistics Page design updated. (Available to check here: https://amvbattles.org/battlestatistics.php ) 

Some more things still coming up soon, so stay tuned for more updates! 
If you are facing any issues or have questions, please contact @Kazu

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