18.04.2020 Update
Ayyee finally I am happy to announce a few major changes done to our website! Apologies for taking this long, but I hope it was worth waiting. Please note that those changes might not be the very final and I will keep on updating some things here and there like icons, avatars, colors and some images overall. So for the better performance please do CTRL+F5 for the better reload effect since these all functions might take up to a few days to take an effect. As for the updates, here is what has changed so far:

✩ Completely renewed design. From lighter to darker version
✩ Update navigation icons
✩ Some glow effects added on the text/links


✩  Ability to change profile's cover. 
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✩  Ability to change user's posts profile cover in the forum. 
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✩ Added more usergroups and updated their styles. 

✩ Added ability to have awards/rewards. For an example, often taking part in the battles, teaching editing tricks and etc. Gained rewards will be both shown on the forum and your personal profile. 
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✩  Added more Forum Categories:
× Site Announcements (all minor and major updates and news will be posted here)
× Tutorials; with subforums as Video Editing, Graphics, Web Designing, Video & Graphic Resources;

✩ Removed 'Editing Help' forum as everything will be posted in 'Tutorials'.

✩ Added Prefixes in the Forum 
[Image: prefixes.png]
For an example when doing tutorials please choose the right prefix so the members can easily find relevant threads.


✩ Updated F.A.Q
- Instead of creating pollls on the forum, we will be holding votings on discord in order to get bigger activity. However, all battles (including works and results) will be still announced on the forum and kept for the record purposes. 

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